The Book

Coaching the Brain – Practical Applications
of Neuroscience to Coaching

By Joseph O’Connor and Andrea Lages

They have gone through all the research and done all the spade work (so you do
not have to), give you exacly the material you need – no more, no less.

And it is immediately PRACTICAL.

The definitive book on Coaching and Neuroscience.

This book will show you how to apply insights from the last neuroscience research in a practical way, in the fields of personal development, coaching and cognitive therapy

‘‘Joseph and Andrea pursue brain based leadership coaching with flair and precision.
I highly recommend their book.

Marshall Goldsmith

Thinkers 50 #1 Executive Coach and only two-time #1 Leadership Thinker in the world

This Book will be essential reading for Coaches, Leaders,
Coach Supervisord and HR and L&D professionals

as well as being a key text for academics and students of coaching
and coaching psychology

Accessible and practical, it begins with an overview of how the brain works along with an explanation of how our
brain changes due to our actions and thoughts, illuminating how these habits can be changed through

Understanding, the neuroscience of goals and mental models helps us to work with and change them, and
clarity about emotions and the emotional basic of values can help achieve happiness.

Most importantly, neuroscience illuminates how we learn, as well as the power of expectations. This book
explores the key lessons we can take from neuroscience for high performance and leadership

Eminently accessible, this book gives you new tools to help yourself and
others create better futures.

What others are saying…

‘Coaching the Brain is an enjoyable, informative and practical guide for coaches to help their clients grow, change and improve.
Every coach needs to know how the brain functions and how that relates to coaching.
This book provides just that.
Joseph and Andrea integrate neuroscience with coaching skills to present an easy to understand roadmap of the brain and how to apply it – to help coaches and their clients learn more efficiently, be more creative and be happier.’

Robert Dilts

Co-founder of NLP University and Generative Coaching, author of 'Coach to Awakener'

‘A great practical book for coaches and everyone interested in how to apply the new research in neuroscience to change and development.’

Adam Harris

Chair, Vistage – Executive coaching, author of 'The Checkin Strategy Journal'

‘Coaching the brain is essential knowledge for all coaches and anyone who wants to change. The book is clear, practical and engaging and ranges wide over the neuroscience behind goals, values, beliefs and habits. You will be surprised at many of the tools you will read about here and surprised at how well they work.’

Lars-Eric Unestahl, Ph.D.

President of the Scandinavian International University, Sweden

‘This highly accessible and practical book takes modern neuroscience research and demonstrates how it is being used today in the fields of personal development, coaching and cognitive therapy.  If you are a coach, this book will make you appear brilliant to your clients. Make sure your clients don’t read it first; the book has so many instantly applicable techniques, they might improve themselves before you can do your work.’

Brian Van der Horst

Founder NLP Institute for Advanced Studies, San Francisco and Paris; Chief Facilitator, Europe, Integral Institute; Consultant at Stanford Research Institute

‘A practical and informative look at our deepest, most complex functions. Joseph and Andrea have taken a notoriously confusing topic and, with their gripping writing style, made the amazing topics of neuroscience and psychophysiology accessible to anyone that has an interest in this fascinating area of science. Not only is the topic made accessible but, more importantly, it’s made applicable through the artful use of examples, metaphors, and stories. Anyone wishing to understand themselves and others in a deeper, more insightful way should read this book and apply the knowledge it holds. A “must have” on the bookshelf of all coaches!

Aaron Garner, MSc

Director - EIA Group

‘While most coaches focus on working with the minds of their clients, Coaching the Brain takes a powerful dive into the field of neuropsychology, showing coaches how the brain works, how coaching can change the brain, and how valuable these changes can be.’

Brian Whetten

Author of 'Yes Yes Hell No! The Little Book for Making Big Decisions'


Coaching the Brain – Practical Applications of
Neuroscience to Coaching

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